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In oltre 20 anni, il centro ProCrea ha aiutato oltre 6.000 coppie a realizzare il sogno della genitorialità.

Our history

In over 20 years, the ProCrea center has helped over 6,000 couples achieve the dream of parenthood.

Thanks to cutting-edge technologies and a personalized approach, they have achieved success rates exceeding 50%. Led by Dr. Andrea Barlocco, we attribute this success to the team's preparation and advanced technologies. Our priority is patient care.

"Every person is unique," a motto that represents our approach. No standard solution, only understanding the causes to identify the path.

Starting in Bellinzona in '99, relocated to Lugano in 2000, we inaugurated the modern headquarters in Maraini Street in 2009. The quality of care has not changed.

Facing the growing challenges of infertility, we have expanded the techniques offered and developed genetics. Pre-implantation genetic tests, introduced in 2012, led to the first pregnancies the following year.

The future: to continue offering science and care, welcoming patients on this journey toward life.

Since 2017, we have been part of Next Clinics, an international group for assisted reproduction. Next Fertility aims to be the European brand of excellence.

Sector specialists, advanced technologies, patient care: what sets us apart. Time-Lapse incubators, Artificial Intelligence, traceability systems for safety.

Next Lab, part of the Group, deals with preconceptional and prenatal genetics, developing new tests for the ART path.

Our model is based on transparent data, human relationships, and constant updates for tangible results.

After over 20 years, Next Fertility ProCrea remains an international center of excellence for reproductive medicine in Switzerland.

Today Next Fertility ProCrea, after over 20 years of experience, remains one of the major international reference centers for reproductive medicine in Switzerland.

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