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social freezing una scelta libera di ogni donna

A free choice of every woman.

Do you know why it's called "Social" Freezing?

Unlike oocyte cryopreservation driven by health reasons, such as oncological and chemotherapeutic treatment paths, in this case, egg freezing is the result of a personal choice, stemming from "social" reasons. It is, indeed, a free choice made by each woman.

The concept of "social freezing" refers to the procedure of preserving eggs or embryos for future use, allowing individuals to postpone pregnancy until they feel ready or desire to have children.

The motivations for undergoing social freezing can vary from individual to individual. Some women might choose this option for professional reasons, wanting to focus on their careers before committing to parenthood. Others might do so because they do not feel (yet) a maternal instinct but do not rule out wanting a family in the future. Yet others might opt for social freezing because they have not (yet) found a partner with whom they want to have children. It would be impossible and unfair to try to synthesize the reasons that drive each woman to make the choice to resort or not to Social Freezing: this is personal and depends on individual circumstances, priorities, and aspirations.

However, we believe it is appropriate to inform all young women about the existence of this option so that they can consciously choose what is best for themselves at a time in their lives when they are in a position to do so. Indeed, although the ideal age for motherhood is commonly considered around 23 biologically, today's reality sees the average age for the first pregnancy around 30 in Europe, while fertility begins to decline significantly after 35. Thus, Science and technology now offer the opportunity to have more direct control over one's family planning.

At Next Fertility ProCrea, we add passion and highly specialized expertise to the constant support of each patient on this journey.

By preserving your healthy eggs, you can access assisted reproduction when it is best for you.

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