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Next Fertility

International Center for Reproductive Medicine since 1999

A renowned international hub for reproductive medicine, Next Fertility ProCrea is among Switzerland's leading fertility centers, where thousands of couples from across Europe, Asia, and North America seek assistance every year.

Next Fertility ProCrea is situated in an environment where clean design, material choices, and cutting-edge technologies provide a sense of security and comfort.

Physical spaces and relationships are deeply intertwined to ensure each patient feels at ease. Next Fertility ProCrea boasts a qualified staff capable of guiding couples from their initial consultation to pregnancy, offering continuous assistance 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The personnel can plan diagnostic and therapeutic steps within very short periods, swiftly scheduling an appointment for the initial visit, even on Saturdays.

Next Fertility ProCrea is located in Lugano, at 8 Clemente Maraini Street. It's a modern facility inaugurated in 2009, spanning five floors with a total area of 1,800 square meters housing reception areas, waiting rooms, medical offices, embryology and andrology laboratories, two operating rooms, and post-operative rooms.

The center is easily accessible by car or public transport and provides free on-site parking.

It's situated:

  • 500 meters from Lugano train station

  • 5 minutes from the Lugano Sud highway exit

  • A 10-minute drive from Lugano airport

  • Connected to Malpensa Airport by a shuttle bus/train service

For couples wishing to stay in Lugano, discounted rates are available at partner hotels.

Our facility is organized across 5 floors as follows:

  • Basement: patient-exclusive parking, collection rooms

  • Ground floor: reception, waiting room, collection point, meeting room, administrative offices

  • First floor: medical offices, waiting room, medical support team point

  • Second floor: IVF laboratory, waiting room, transfer rooms, Surgery & Cells outpatient clinic

  • Third floor: 7 pre/post-operative rooms, surveillance unit, semen analysis laboratory

  • Fourth floor: operating block

  • Outdoor area: waiting room

Next Fertility ProCrea is an international reference point for reproductive medicine and stands as one of Switzerland's major fertility centers, annually catering to thousands of couples from across Europe, Asia, and North America.

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